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environmental impact

Paper is one of the easiest materials to recycle and is produced from renewable raw material. However, for the mass production of this material, monocultures are planted that acidify the soil and cause loss of diversity. In addition, bleaching is done with an absurd amount of water and chemical bleaches that contaminate waterways, even with intense treatment.


We collect paper from companies, schools, offices and homes. This paper is then crushed and turned into pulp to form new sheets, ready for a multitude of uses.

Before manufacturing the paper, we separate those sheets that could still be used, transforming them into new products. This process is called UPCYCLING.

To compensate for the impact already caused by this residue and to sequester the carbon emitted in production from virgin cellulose, we plant 1 tree for every 10 kg collected.

+2 Ton

recycled paper

in 4 years


Planted trees

in the same period

Why recycle?

Each Brazilian is responsible for cutting 1.7 trees / year regarding the use of paper items.

For every ton of recycled paper, we avoid cutting

of 17 trees and the expenditure of 28 thousand liters of water.

Over a 30-year period, paper recycling has the potential to provide 0.9 gigatonnes in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


Based on the following data:

(1) Recycled paper produces about 25% less emissions compared to conventional paper and,

(2) The percentage of recycled paper in use in the production of items tends to grow from 55% to 75% by 2050 (worldwide). Even though the increase in paper recycling uses more electricity, emissions related to harvesting and processing - in addition to the total emission from the production and manufacturing line - are higher for paper using virgin raw material from forests.

Note: Calculations of emission reductions do not include sequestration of live tree carbon that would not be cut in replacement with recycled paper.


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